Mark 9000

Mark 9000 is Ted Virgo's PC. Ted, with the help of the mysterious programmer Amy, programmed it with a high-level AI, voice recognition... and an attitude. Mark has two goals: lessen Ted's nerdiness as much as possible, and get him laid. Unfortunately, Ted neglected to program in how many times he wanted to get laid... or by whom.

At the beginning of the "Child Genius" storyline, Mark was upgraded to Version 2.0, giving him an appearance suspiciously like that of Riding With Death actor Ben Murphy. He is the designated mate of Uyulala.

Thanks to Aaron Littleton for the character design, submitted as part of the Character Design Contest.

Cartoonist's Note: The colors of Mark's avatar are taken directly from a photograph of Ben Murphy, which means that his skin tone and hair color are identical to Ben's.

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